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Nedbank Young Professionals is a 9-part podcast published by Life Podcasts and presented by Afripreneur, Vumi Msweli. The podcast features a new breed of young professionals having frank and interesting conversations about their relationships with money. For more insights that money can’t buy, subscribe to the series.

Growing up in a humble background with a close-knit family, Cikida Gcali's upbringing allowed her the space to explore her voice. This solid foundation equipped Cikida to handle the challenges that came with being a black woman in male-dominated space after completing her degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

Passionate about economic development, Cikida believes that South Africans entering the working world should empower themselves to trade skills for value and, be able to package themselves as skill traders in the market place.

A word of advice to young professionals

Cikida's forward-thinking approach to work has presented its own challenges — one of which has been the struggle of navigating and adjusting to being boxed into categories as an expansive professional in the black and white corporate world of working.

Her advice to young professionals looking to pave their way in male-dominated industries: "know your worth, understand your worth, learn the skills you need to learn that can allow you to live up to your worth and never negotiate on it."

Spending habits: The good, the bad and all the lessons Cikida has learnt about money

When it comes to achieving greatness, Cikida sees money as an enabler — as the fuel that we need to accelerate our projects from one level to another. She believes in savings and manages to set aside 30% of her salary to empower her for the next frontier of her career and, investing her money in places that will yield more money. She shares tips on how you can create positive financial habits.

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