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Women Crush Wednesday is a feature on Tracey Lange's show where she highlights phenomenal women in our communities.

Tracey chats to Anisa Essop about her personal journey from being overweight and in an abusive marriage to finally having the courage to leave her husband and getting her life back together.

Anisa now uses her skills and experience to uplift women in similar situations.

She launched AnisaFitness, a health and wellness facility that empowers women using fitness skills as well as healthy eating programmes.

Listen to Anisa Essop's story in the audio clip below.

For more on AnisaFitness, visit here website HERE and her Instagram page, HERE.

Tune in to Tracey Lange's #WCW every Wednesday between 9am - 12pm!

Image Credit: Anisa Essop/AnisaFitness

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