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It's not a party if you don't have a Sassy Bakes creation! Tracey Lange chats to the Cape Town-based cake artist to find out more about her baking business.

She started in the food industry about 17 year's ago. From there, she ventured on to building and growing her hobby, baking mouth-watering cakes.

When I saw how happy it made people, I'm all about spreading the love and making everyone happy! I thought if I had known, I would have left the food industry years ago.

Sassy Bakes

I really wanted to go a different route. I wanted people to experience the big cake in a mini version and that's where I came up with the name, mini-cakes.

Sassy Bakes

What advice would Sassy Bakes share with those who are looking to start their own business?

As cliche as this sounds, I always tell people, once you genuinely and whole-heartedly love what you do, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Sassy Bakes

I love, I breathe, I dream cakes.

Sassy Bakes

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Listen to the audio below for Tracey Lange's full interview with Sassy Bakes.

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