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Women Crush Wednesday is Tracey Lange's award-winning feature that creates a platform for women to share their uplifting stories.

In this clip, Tracey Lange interviews Aasiyah Adams, Founder of Cape Town-based, Abaguquli.

The NPO's mission is to transform lives through education and innovation. (Abaguquli means Transformers, translated from Zulu.)

We provide young, unemployed youth with 4IR skills, supporting industrial revolution skills, from robotics, artificial intelligence, drone pilot licencing, 3D mapping, data analysis... anything in the 4IR space.

Aasiyah Adams, Founder of Abaguquli

What we're trying to create is not jobs, we're trying to create financial independence through freelancing, through co-operatives and through starting up their own businesses.

Aasiyah Adams, Founder of Abaguquli

We want to give them the opportunity to be employable or to have their own financial independence. And they can work anywhere around the world with their 4IR skills.

Aasiyah Adams, Founder of Abaguquli

For more details, visit: www.abaguquli.co.za

Listen to Tracey Lange's full interview with Aasiyah Adams in the audio clip below.

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Photo by Emile Perron on Unsplash

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