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Every weekday at 16:40 on The Flash Drive, Carl Wastie interviews small business owners about their story and the way they have had to deal with business unusual.

In the audio clip below, Carl chats to Lisha of Yes Face Masks.

After losing her salary due to COVID-19 cutbacks, Lisha got creative and opened her own company selling fun and expressive facemasks.

What I've done in my local community is just gone to a few of the stores and put them up on the merchandise and they make the stores look so beautiful and people are buying them slowly but I really want it to just take off! I want doctors to be wearing it to cheer up their patients!

Lisha, Founder of Yes Face Masks

To learn more, visit the Yes Face Masks Facebook Page, HERE or visit the website, HERE.

Listen to Lisha's business journey in the audio clip below!

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Image: Facebook / Yes Face Masks

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