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In the audio clip below, Carl chats to Nisreen Founder of Cardamom Kitchen.

Nisreen's experience as a franchise restauranteur and other life changes led her to open her very own catering company.

With lockdown, she had to think of a creative way to sustain her business. While brainstorming on how she could use her cooking skills to make life easier for others, she was inspired by her 14-year-old daughter to develop the Magic Onion Jar.

The Magic Onion Jar is essentially a pre-cooked onion which is then put into a jar... Onions are the most widely used ingredient and it's how we start off our meal... I don't know of any person or any family that screams yay when mommy says go and peel the onions.

Nisreen, Founder of Cardamom Kitchen

To learn more about Cardamom Kitchen and the Magic Onion Jar, visit their Facebook Page, HERE or visit the website, HERE.

Listen to Nisreen's business journey in the audio clip below!

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Photo by Lars Blankers on Unsplash

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