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When is the right time to replace your undies?

Carl Wastie puts a lot of trust in the producer for The Flash Drive - Petrus Botha aka Producer P. Today all Petrus put in the show runner was "underwear".

Are you ready for Slipper Day on the 7th of May?

Carl Wastie spoke to Reach For A Dream CEO, Julia Sotirianakos about Slipper Day taking place on the 7th of May.

Wealth Wednesday - NFT's

Carl Wastie chats to the founder of BankerX, Koshiek Karan to find out more about NFT's.

Numerologist Sandy Smith blows Carl & Zoë's mind on The Flash Drive

Carl & Zoë blown away by the revelations made by Numerologist, Sandy Smith on #TheFlashDrive

What's the one thing you will fight for in a divorce?

We don't wanna think about the idea of getting divorced. But what if it did happen? What is the one thing you will fight for? The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie found out.

Items you have ticked off your bucket list

We all have a bucket list - those things we really want to do before we kick the bucket. Zoë Brown ticked one of the items on her list today.

Wealth Wednesday - Managing risk in the stock market

Every week Carl catches up with the founder of BankerX, Koshiek Karan to talk Wealth Wednesday.

Local brand "Veldskoen Shoes" to be part of the SA Olympic team's uniform

Veldskoen Shoes will be seen when the SA Olympic team walks out on the track in Tokyo later this year.

Dr. Glenda Gray gives clarity on why the rollout of the J&J vaccine was paused

Carl Wastie called up Dr. Glenda Gray to explain why the rollout of the J&J vaccine was paused.

The lies we live by

We all have that one go-to lie that we always go to in order to get out of some or another situation. Carl Wastie finds out what #FlashDrive listeners lie about.

Wealth Wednesday - Side Hustles

Carl is joined by the Founder of Banker X, Koshiek Karan to share some tips on how to start a side hustle.

"Can you please turn down nature" and other strange service complaints

We have all been in a situation where we had to deal with some sort of strange complaint from a customer. A copmplaint received today triggered Carl Wastie into asking listeners to share their stories.

Wealth Wednesday - Luxury Handbags as an investment!

Is a luxury handbag an investment? According to finance guru, Koshiek Karan it is!

Remember when things were cheap?

With the price of petrol increasing by R1 tonight pushing the price of a liter of petrol to more than R17. This got Carl Wastie wondering about what things used to cost.

You and Dr. Google - what was the prognosis?

Be honest with yourself - you have used Dr. Google to diagnose an illness. But how accurate was it?

Ever Given - Stuck in the Suez Canal. How to free a ship.

With news in that the Ever Given has been successfully refloated. Carl Wastie spoke to Senior Salvage Master, Captain Nick Sloane to find out what goes into the process of freeing a stuck ship.

Knorr or Norr? The mishaps of mispronouncing words

A Twitter user created a stir on social media last week when he asked how you pronounce the brand "Knorr". Host of #TheFlashDrive Carl Wastie investigates.

What if life had an undo button?

If given an undo button for a decision you made in your life, what would you undo?