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From Mitchells Plain to the world!

Carl Wastie meets Allan van der Meulen, the co-creator of the job app zlto (pronounced Zlotto). With this app Allan and his team is tackling youth unemployment at a time where it is needed most.

The stuff dad taught me...and stuck with me

Father's Day is around the corner and this was the perfect opportunity for Carl Wastie to find out from the Flash Drive listeners what things their dad taught them and that stuck with them.

On his birthday, Carl Wastie want you do give back by donating blood

Today is Carl Wastie's birthday and instead of presents, he wants you to give back by donating blood.

Carl Wastie remembers Shaleen Surtie-Richards

This morning news broke that much loved & iconic South African actress, Shaleen Surtie-Richards had passed away at the age of 66. Carl Wastie paid tribute to the star and remembered a time that he got to work with her.

"Next thing I was rugby tackled by Oprah's bodyguards"

Carl Wastie shared an experience with a local celeb (who recently relocated to the US - you can Google who it is) that left a bad taste in his mouth. It wasn't long before Flash Drive listeners shared their stories of celeb interactions.

"I thought he was in the car but he wasn't"...and other parenting fails

Being a parent isn't easy and every now and again you slip up. Carl Wastie spoke to some #FlashDrive parents about their epic parenting fails.

Ladies, you asked and the men answered

Men, probably one of the most complicated species on earth with all their secrets and quirks. Carl Wastie decided to help the ladies out and get our male listeners to answer some of their pressing questions.

Welcome to South South Africa...

Imagine for a second that your province becomes its own Republic...would the be ready? Carl Wastie asked Flash Drive listeners to help him get ready...just in case, the Western Cape becomes a republic on its own.

Damn, I regret making that choice in high school...

Carl Wastie reminisced on #TheFlashDrive how he regrets not taking a lead role in a high school play growing up. Seems he's not the only one regretting certain choices made in high school.

Just how petty are you?

We all have a little "petty" in us - well maybe not Carl Wastie.

How would your life change if you were chained to you partner for a 100 days?

Carl Wastie always gets interesting articles from his Producer, Petrus. Take this one, for example, a couple in Ukraine decided to chain themselves together to better their relationship.

How the mistakes your parents made in raising you, made you a better parent

Carl Wastie delved into the mistakes our parents made while raising us as kids and how this had an impact on you as a parent today. He asked the FlashDrive family to share their stories.

He protected Carl & Zoë and now he's on a Zoom with The Queen

Carl Wastie & Zoë Brown recently went for a bit of a paddle in Clifton with one, Tanner Gorille who kept a watchful eye over them to make sure they don't drown. What a surprise to hear he had a Zoom with The Queen to receive a prestigious award.

"What if they find my toys" listeners respond to the return of Come Dine With Me

A casting call was released for a new season of Come Dine with Me South Africa. Carl Wastie asked listeners of The Flash Drive what contestants would find in their cupboards or gardens - and it's interesting.

Falling...in love

Carl Wastie tracked down the two sisters who featured in a now-viral engagement video.

If you could...would you have and hold many husbands?

A new law could soon be passed that will see a woman being able to marry more than one man. Carl Wastie wanted to find out from the ladies listening to The Flash Drive if they would marry more than one man.

Look who's stalking...

On The Flash Drive today Carl Wastie had a challenge for Zoë and Producer Petrus - who is better at stalking Flash Drive listeners.

Listen Up! Kfm Moms reveal what they DON'T want for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this Sunday and Carl Wastie reached out to #FlashDrive moms to find out what they want and don't want for this special day.