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The best places to sweat - Wrong Answers Only

Today's Wrong Answers Only was inspired by the recently announced Kfm Best of Cape Town Awards.

Open Mic Mondays - Bianca Buitendag calls Carl Wastie

Monday can only mean one thing on The Flash Drive - Open Mic Mondays! And did Carl get the surprise of his life when an Olympic medalist called the show.

BizBoost - Marketplace - Week 3 Part 1

It's a new month and another chance for your small business to get featured on BizBoost Marketplace with Carl Wastie on #TheFlashDrive

Where is the love?

J-Lo & Ben Affleck are back together - 18 years after they first got together. Carl Wastie tracked down some local Bennifer's.

BizBoost Marketplace - Week 2 Part 3

BizBoost - Marketplace is back and even more businesses will have the opportunity to get some much needed exposure on #TheFlashDrive with Carl Wastie.

BizBoost - Marketplace - Week 2 Part 2

It's another week of BizBoost Marketplace on #TheFlashDrive where multiple businesses receive some much-needed exposure.

BizBoost Marketplace - Week 2

It's another week of BizBoost Marketplace on #TheFlashDrive where multiple businesses receive some much-needed exposure.

Open Mic Mondays on The Flash Drive

Carl Wastie introduced a new feature on Monday afternoons on #TheFlashDrive. This is your opportunity to air your views, ask your questions or just vent.

BizBoost - Marketplace

BizBoost Marketplace is any small businesses platform on #TheFlashDrive to advertise their goods and services. Every day at around 15:45, Carl Wastie will feature a couple of businesses.

BizBoost - Marketplace

BizBoost Marketplace is a platform for small businesses to be featured on #TheFlashDrive. Multiple companies will be featured every day.

Wait...how did you get injured?

Zoë Brown shared on #TheFlashDrive how she injured her pelvic bone while surfing. Of course, listeners of the show couldn't wait to share the weird ways of how they got injured.

Neels van Jaarsveld no longer Op Sy Eish!

Earlier this year, actor Neels van Jaarsveld started his journey to find love. Carl Wastie caught up with him on #TheFlashDrive to see how it went.

Life's unspoken rules - The SA Version

Life has a lot of unspoken rules and Carl Wastie thought it would be great if FlashDrive listeners compiled their own list of unspoken rules to live by.

Covid vaccine Q&A with Dr. Angelique Coetzee

Vaccine registration opened last night for 35 - 49-year-olds. Carl Wastie decided that this was a great opportunity to have a vaccine Q & A with Dr. Angelique Coetzee.

BizBoost - Marketplace

BizBoost on #TheFlashDrive has evolved once again. Daily, Carl will feature 3 small businesses in need of a boost.

Zoë's baby shower conundrum

Zoë Brown had a little conundrum regarding a baby shower that she is planning. Who better to ask for help than our amazing listeners.

For the love of the game...

One thing that brings us all together is sports. But just how far are you willing to go to not miss that all-important game? Carl Wastie was on a mission to find out.

BizBoost - The restaurant edition - Part 9

It's the second week of BizBoost - The restaurant edition where Carl Wastie uses this platform to highlight eateries that offer deliveries & takeaways under the current level 4 restriction.