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BizBoost - Monday 20 September 2021

Every day on The Flash Drive, two small businesses get the opportunity to advertise their business and what services they offer!

Nathanael calls #TheFlashDrive with an update.

Last week during Open Mic Mondays on #TheFlashDrive, we got a call from Nathanael Manjoro asking for help. He called in again to give Carl Wastie an update.

An important update on Mairah & her health journey

A couple of weeks ago Carl Wastie spoke to Jenna Cook about her daughter Mairah's health issues. She joined him again to share an update on their journey.

Tunnel Tours, a PeePee in a TeePee and other Hidden Cape Gems

Carl is on a mission to help the Local Tourism boom in the upcoming summer season and asked you to spot and share any lesser Googled spots for us to check out and explore.

Open Mic Mondays - Can you help Nathanael get new legs?

Every Monday on The Flash Drive, Carl Wastie hands the mic over to listeners to air their laundry and also gives someone in need an opportunity to ask for help.

Top tips for employment

The latest unemployment figures show that 1 in 3 South Africans is currently unemployed. Carl Wastie found some experts who shared top tips for those seeking employment.

Open Mic Mondays on The Flash Drive - Zoë's cat & 2 youngsters doing good

Another Monday means it's time for another installment of Open Mic Mondays with Carl Wastie on #TheFlashDrive where you get the opportunity to take control of the mic.

The vaccine chat you MUST send to your friends

It has been announced that those South Africans aged between 18 & 34 would be able to receive the Covid-19 vaccine from the 20th of August. Ahead of this, Carl Wastie spoke to Dr. Angelique Coetzee from the SA Medical Association to answer listeners' questions.

Should the October school holidays be canned...

Kids, teachers, parents, and even grandparents weighed in on #TheFlashDrive with Carl Wastie.

I wish I could tell my kid that...

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs there is and even though you love your child unconditionally you sometimes wish you could just vent. Well, Carl Wastie gave some parents that opportunity on #TheFlashDrive.

BizBoost - Marketplace

BizBoost Marketplace can be heard every day at around 15:45 on #TheFlashDrive with Carl Wastie.

Tantrums & no tiaras

Kids are the joy of every parent's life until they go crazy because they can't get what they want. Carl Wastie got some listeners to share their kid's most hilarious tantrums.

BizBoost - Marketplace - Week 3 Part 2

Why not give your business a Boost by making use of BizBoost - Marketplace on the Flash Drive.

Uhm...the job ad didn't mention that!

So you are looking for a job and you come across a job ad that fits you perfectly only to find out it's not all it promised to be, as Carl Wastie found out on The Flash Drive

The best places to sweat - Wrong Answers Only

Today's Wrong Answers Only was inspired by the recently announced Kfm Best of Cape Town Awards.

Open Mic Mondays - Bianca Buitendag calls Carl Wastie

Monday can only mean one thing on The Flash Drive - Open Mic Mondays! And did Carl get the surprise of his life when an Olympic medalist called the show.

BizBoost - Marketplace - Week 3 Part 1

It's a new month and another chance for your small business to get featured on BizBoost Marketplace with Carl Wastie on #TheFlashDrive

Where is the love?

J-Lo & Ben Affleck are back together - 18 years after they first got together. Carl Wastie tracked down some local Bennifer's.