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In the latest installment of My First Hit, Mo Flava catches up with musician Amanda Black.

The singer-songwriter first came onto the scene through the talent competition Idols South Africa (season 11).

While she only finished seventh, she went on to release her hit song ‘Amazulu’ in 2016.

While she performs the hit often, Black says she hardly listens back to the song as it was such a different time in her life, “even my voice sounds different”.

She made the move to Johannesburg from the Eastern Cape to focus on her music, a move which proved to be worth it after signing her first record deal within the same month.

I remember it was the first night in the studio when I first started writing because I free styled half of the song. I was scared… they played the beat and I listened, and I was like ‘just do it’.

Amanda Black, musician

Fun fact: the song was recorded in the dark because she was so scared to sing with everyone watching on in the studio.

The song was included on her debut solo album ‘Amazulu’ and was incredibly successful.

The album ‘Amazulu’ won her several awards, including Album of the Year, Best Newcomer of the Year, and Best Female Artist of the Year at the South African Music Awards.

Over the years, she has grown as an artist all while staying true to who she is.

[Throughout this experience] I have had to learn a lot, to trust myself, because people will always have an opinion. In the beginning, it was very much about people liking me on Idols and later in the industry.

Amanda Black, musician

At this point I am not longer trying to make people understand me… I am not trying to convince anybody to be like me, I have understood who I am as an artist.

Amanda Black, musician

What people should take away from me just being unapologetically me is that you should be okay with being you, authentically you… People are afraid of people who are different and are not afraid to be different.

Amanda Black, musician

Watch the full interview below:

This article first appeared on 947 : [WATCH] ‘I am not trying to convince anybody to be like me’ – Amanda Black

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