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"You can't do life alone, you have to have people in your life."

These are the closing words from today's Monday Motivation by motivational speaker and jiu-jitsu coach, Ryan Stephens.

**According to Ryan, you need these 5 types of friends in your life:**

  • The Covenant friend: This is the person who is your "ride or die and always there for you".

  • The Spiritual friend: This friend will pray for you and give you spiritual advice.

  • The Confidant: This is the person you can share wins with, the one you can go to when making life decisions.

  • The Hospitable friend: The one that cares about your well-being and always checks in on you.

  • The Hitman: The friend that has your back no matter what."They don't ask questions, they grab a bat and roll down"

Ryan says that if you have a friend who encompasses more than one of these, you should thank them for being a good friend. If you don't have these kinds of friends or are surrounded by bad friends, it's time to start pouring into others and finding your community.

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