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Kfm Mornings with Darren, Sherlin and Sibs speak to the number one commentator in the world, Matthew Pearce, about South Africa versus New Zealand tomorrow.

Listen to the conversation below.

Pearce says, he spoke to most of the Springboks players in Paris over this week and the "good thing is that the Springboks seem really calm."

Pearce says there's a noticeable difference in the team's spirit from the finals of 2019...

They're calmer and just value this experience. The fact that the finals are New Zealand makes it extra special - whoever wins will be something very special.

Matthew Pearce, Rugby Commentator

Pearce highlights that there is a risk with a 7-1 split but notes that the strength of the Springboks lie in their "adaptability and flexibility."

The likes of Ox and the likes of that bench is pivotal. A 7-1 split doesn't come without risk so if you don't risk it, you don't get the biscuit as Rassie also says.

Matthew Pearce, Rugby Commentator

Overall, Pearce says, it takes a lot emotionally to play against host teams with crowds boo'ing you but the Springboks have come through that and much more...

The emotional toll it took against France, the influence of the crowd, the rain in the semi-final was relentless, they've gone to some very dark places but somehow they found a way to beat France and England - so the couple of changes the team are making in the starting line-up will bring will make a difference.

Matthew Pearce, Rugby Commentator

While Pearce admits, a 9 o'clock kick-off is not good for the health - the win is going to be historic.

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