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You've heard of 'Quiet Quitting', the phenomenon where employees do the bare minimum that is required from the job and now a new term has emerged 'Quiet Promoting'.

Anja van Beek, Agile Talent Strategist, Leadership & HR Expert and Executive Coach chats to Tracey Lange about this emerging trend and how you can avoid it.

Quiet Promotion is where you get an increase of workload without a pay raise.

Anja van Beek- Agile Talent Strategist

She adds that this is common as a recent study showed that 78% of employees experience this on a regular basis.

If you notice that your workload has increased but your pay hasn't, Anja says that it's time to pluck up the courage and speak up.

Start by sharing your intent. What is the reason for you having the conversation? For some of us it's not always about the pay raise, for some it might be about, 'Yes, I've been doing this for a few months, so let's talk about a title change.'

Anja van Beek- Agile Talent Strategist

If you want to know more, scroll up to listen to the full interview.

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