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Tracey Lange chats to Sandy Pekeur-Sandy about her foundation, Nosh for Josh which is hosting a Youth Day bake-off called, "Be my voice, one cookie at a time".

Listen for the event details below.

Together with her husband, Sandy says they started their non-profit organisation, Nosh for Josh after their son who was born on World Autism Day (2 April) was diagnosed with non-verbal autism at two years old.

The organisation has been making a difference in the lives of special needs kids for 16 years.

Their latest effort to help make a difference includes community bake-offs.

Sandy says, the idea started when Josh, her son, started baking to calm himself down, adding that, he becomes more verbal whilst baking.

Seeing her son's positive reaction to baking, Sandy decided to bring this positivity to community's with bake-offs through an initiative called, "be my voice, one cookie at a time."

Sandy says, community bake-offs encourage special needs kids to help get creative by glazing, packaging and distributing thousands of pre-baked cookies to various areas.

The latest bake-off takes place on Youth Day (16 June) at Athlone Civic Center.

Registration opens at 9am to 12pm.

Book your spot by calling 072 504 5384 or support this cause by buying a cookie at Nosh for Josh across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Sandy says community bake-offs like these and her organisation is meant to "give hope to parents with special needs children and have fun."

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