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The International Public Art Festival is back for its seventh edition!

And EB Inglis chatted to the founder of BAZ-ART, Alexandre Tilmans who hosts the public street art festival.

Listen for more details below.

Inglis also did more than just chat to Tilmans on air, he also got an exclusive walking tour and saw some epic street art. Watch his exclusive experience below:

@kfmza The International Public Art Festival is back for its 7th edition! 🥳 @EB Inglis had the privilege of going for a walking tour with Baz-Art's founder to see just a few of the art pieces that will be up on display in the Company's Garden and surrounding areas. INCREDIBLE local and international talent will be visible in the city with both free and paid walking tour options available. Go explore, 1-5 March 🫶🏼 #EBinglis #Kfm945 #CapeTown #IPAF #IPAF23 #BazArt #UrbanArt #StreetArt #streetarteverywhere ♬ Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

Yes, Inglis really lived his best art life...

If you didn't know, the International Public Arts Festival gives local and international artists the platform to showcase their voices and talent through a thought-provoking public street art festival.

We highly recommend all art, culture, and lovers of creativity attend this one - ENTRY IS FREE!

When: 1 to 5 March

Where: The festival begins at the 'Festival's Hub' in Cape Town's Company's Garden and spreads throughout the Mother City's streets.

You can download the self-guided Art Route Map over here.

This year's theme: 'What if' - encouraging artists to push boundaries of the 'known' and to expand minds, spaces and societies. 'For example, what if there was no gender based violence in South Africa?'

What you'll see: 28 artists demonstrating: installations, sculptures, digital artworks, outdoor pop-up exhibitions, performances, street art tours, and much more.

Did we mention, entry is FREE?!

Guided art tours are also available, book them online for R70!

Tilmans also said that this year promises to be extra exciting because some new mediums beyond murals will be on display...

You can expect murals... traditional street art murals... but on top of that, we're bringing exciting new mediums. You'll have augmented reality. So, animated murals that move when you look at them through your phone... you will have installations and sculptures... you will have mixed medium like music installations... so we're very excited to go beyond the mural and to show that public art is a lot bigger than just murals.

Alexandre Tilmans, founder of BAZ-ART

Tilmans also said that if you can't get enough of the epic street art, you can mingle with festival creatives, join a workshop or listen to a panel discussion at the Public Art Conference.

Find more details about the conference on the website.

Of course, these installations aren't possible without talented global and local artists...

Mzansi artists showcasing their artwork at the festival are:

1) Ralarno Coutts

2) Marlene Steyn

3) Vonmash

4) Pixel Monster

5) Michael Beckurts

WOWZERS, right?!

Tilmans said it best, the 'role of art is to create conversations that connect communities'.

We love that The Mother City creates space for artists to showcase their work and uncensored creativity - see you there art lovers, enthusiasts, and professionals.

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