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South African pop star Filipa released her alluring single titled No words earlier this month.

No words is an honest and authentic account on the intense chemistry and natural connection between lovers ‘that quite literally needs ‘no words’, she said.

"When communication happens through body language and exchanged glances, when you know a person so well and know what they are thinking about without much being said," added the singer-songwriter.

The singer said creating the single took longer than she expected.

It actually took a while, it’s the song that I have had that's taken the longest to finish and I recorded vocals in different parts of the world.

Filipa, singer-songwriter

She adds that the flirty tune is inspired by her own experiences and her journey growing into womanhood.

It’s such a nice feeling, it’s a rush…of course I went in a more sensual direction.

Filipa, singer-songwriter

Listen to the full interview below.

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