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Cape Town singer, musician, and LGBTQIA+ activist Amy Lilley returns with another emotional project tailored for wounded lovers.

After the success of her hit single 'Formidable' in 2020, the songstress announced the exciting release of her most recent single These Walls on Friday.

Carl Wastie recently spoke to the singer about writing 'These Walls’ and her move to London.

The SAMA-nominated artist said her decision to move to the UK was to help expand her career.

It’s a creative thing, I really wanted to push my music career a little bit, challenge myself a little bit but I’ll still be coming to South Africa all the time.

Amy Lilley

'These Walls' is the second song released by the artist this year after 'Video Games' which came out in May.

I think I just wrote it about a bad time in my life and you’re with someone toxic and you need to get out, and I was thinking there must be a lot of women and men out there too that have been in the same [situation].

Amy Lilley

A music tour is on the cards along with the release of her debut album set to be released in September, she said.

Listen to the full interview below.

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