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A recent article by CANSA has revealed that smoking hubbly bubbly or hookah, can be just as dangerous, if not more, as smoking cigarettes.

While many people assume that the water pipes are a safe smoking alternative, they actually have the same risks of diseases or cancer and are just as addictive.

The smoke coming from the hookah is not only dangerous to those smoking, but also exposes others around to toxins from the second-hand smoke.

The toxins from the smoke puts those exposed at increased risk of developing cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

Smoking a hubbly bubbly is also highly addictive as the tobacco contains nicotine, and in one smoking session, its smokers inhale as much smoke in an average session as cigarette smokers will inhale after one hundred cigarettes.

Until recently, there has not been enough research to adequately determine whether hubbly smoking is dangerous, but now CANSA is definitively saying this is not the safe alternative it was thought to be.

This article first appeared on 947 : Is hubbly bubbly as bad as cigarettes?

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