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CAPE TOWN - Businesses and other entities still have the right to request mandatory wearing of masks at their premises.

That's the word from Health Minister Joe Phaahla, who on Thursday outlined why the government has dropped the last remaining COVID-19 regulations.

This includes mandatory mask-wearing, limitations on the number of people allowed to gather and vaccination proof or a negative PCR-test required for travellers at ports of entry.

Even though the mandatory wearing of masks indoors has been scrapped, Phaahla said schools, old age homes and other places could still require people to wear them.

"If you run a facility, you have the right to determine regulations - whether you run a shop, a restaurant, a hotel - you can have your own regulations that you are comfortable with and your clients are happy with as well."

The minister said government did not have a say in the decisions of individual entities.

"A school governing body, for example, may decide that for the purpose of their school, they are happy with their children wearing masks. That's the school policy, but it's not the government policy. I think we must just make that distinction."

Some scientists said if fitted and worn properly, face masks did help to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

This article first appeared on EWN : Businesses and other entities may request masks on premises - Phaahla

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