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After 13 season and 13 years on air, Wendy Williams is ending her TV run and The Wendy Williams Show.

The show had its grand finale on 17 June, but its namesake, Williams, was not present as Sherri Shepard has been filling in for the majority of the season and bid the show farewell.

Williams publicly announced in 2018 that she had been battling with graves disease and her health caused her to take a step back from the show in 2021.

She was known for being a gossip monger and sharing deep levels of insight into celebrity lives, which often landed her in chaotic feuds with other Hollywood stars.

While this show signals the end of an era of talkshow television, its not the last we will hear from the iconic host, who allegedly has a podcast in the works.

The slot will be taken over by a new daytime talk show titled Sherri, hosted by Shepard.

Let's take you back to when Williams spoke to 947's breakfast team back in 2021:

This article first appeared on 947 : Wendy Williams Show has officially come to an end

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