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It all began as a hobby for KFM mid-morning presenter and media personality Tracey Lange, but 2022 marks the media maven's fifteenth year in commercial radio and her tenth on national television.

Lange, who hails from Somerset West tells CapeTalk's Sara-Jayne King much of the key to her success rests with her untouchable work ethic and also knowing from an early age that she was deeply loved by her parents.

I never take it for granted...I consider it a great pleasure and privilege that I can be in your company and that you choose to listen to me.

Tracey Lange, Radio and TV personality

Since 2018 Tracey has hosted ”Mid-mornings with Tracey” from 9am to 12 noon on weekdays on KFM.

She also fronts the Afrikaans talk show Tussen Ons, in which she gets to show off her live TV presenting skills.

My attitude to my career has been, let me just give this a shot and see if this is something I can do.

Tracey Lange, Radio and TV personality

I'm not someone who suffers from imposter syndrome, because I'm someone who doesn't overthink things, because we can over and out-think ourselves out of anything.

Tracey Lange, Radio and TV personality

Tracey says as a woman of colour in a notoriously cut-throat industry, she often thinks of the women who came before her:

I know I'm living many of my predecessor's dreams, things they could never have realised because the opportunities just weren't there.

Tracey Lange, Radio and TV personality

She says she often thinks of her grandmother, a woman who loved performing and who 'sang all the way into the old age home'.

I often think, I am here now, I wonder if this is something she would have loved to do.

Tracey Lange, Radio and TV personality

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Making her ancestors proud: Tracey Lange on her road to success in the media biz

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