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A few years ago, two communications professors, Jonathan Obar of York University in Toronto and Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch of the University of Connecticut, ran an experiment.

They knew that there are very few people who actually read the terms and conditions on the various websites through which they create accounts.

They asked people to sign up for a fake social media network and in the terms and conditions, they inserted a clause that said by signing up, users would give their future first-born children to the company.

Only a quarter of the 543 students even bothered to look at the fine print.

One of the problems is just how much time it would take for someone to read these contracts.

Reading an average American digital contract would take almost 250 hours a year. That just sounds exhausting!

On top of that, users can't challenge the agreement - it's your choice whether or not to sign-up - so why bother reading it when you want to use the site, but can't change the contract?

If you're struggling to visualise this, here's a helpful infographic that shows just how long each social media site's terms and conditions are and how long it would take you to read them all.

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