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JOHANNESBURG - Analysts have warned motorists to expect a massive petrol price increase next month.

This comes as government's fuel levy kicks in again from next month.

Analysts have also warned that there is little that government can do to cushion society further as the increase would likely be driven by factors outside of its control.

Economist Dawie Roodt said that the end of government's emergency fuel levy intervention would lead to consumers paying R1.50 more per litre of petrol.

He said that normal market forces were likely to push up the petrol price increase further.

“Based on information, about two days ago the petrol price would’ve increased by nearly R2 a litre in any event. So we’re talking about R2 plus R1.50 bringing it up to R3.50 that the increase is likely to be per litre of petrol in June,” said Roodt.

Economist Bonke Dumisa said that the petrol price hike would likely be followed by an increase in the consumer price index, making it more expensive to pay off home loans and other consumer products.

"This pushes up the food inflation as well and the food inflation affects mostly the poor people. So, things are really getting out of control economically,” Dumisa said.

Dumisa encouraged South Africans to plan well financially, as life will in all likelihood become more costly.

This article first appeared on EWN : Motorists warned to expect massive fuel price hike in June

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