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Do you know what Nomophobia is? Forget the fear of heights, snakes or spiders, this fear is bigger than those and is more widespread than we thought.

Nomophobia, shortened from “no mobile phone phobia”, is the fear of losing or being separated from your phone.

The motional and physical symptoms include:

  • Panic or anxiety if you briefly cannot find your phone.
  • Irritation, stress, or anxiety when you can't check your phone.
  • Increased sweating.
  • Rapid heartbeat.

According to a study by power bank rental start-up Adoozy Power, it's even more on the rise in South Africa than before.

A significant percentage of 18- to 26-year-olds check their cellphones at least 30 times an hour, or an average of 30 seconds on each interaction.

This equates to spending at least a quarter of every day engaged with your cellphone.

Our research is telling us that the number one reason young South Africans have a fear of being without their phones is because of safety. They feel far too anxious and vulnerable if they are not connected.

Keegan Peffer, CEO - Adoozy

If you're concerned about how attached you are to your phone, therapy can help you address the symptoms of nomophobia.

You can also set aside some dedicated "offline" time each day as a means of breaking away from your smartphone for a while.

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