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It was a wild week for science.

Researchers grew plants in soil from the moon while astronomers published a never-before-seen image of the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

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Scientists used soil samples taken during moon missions between 1969 and 1972 to grow a type of cabbage.

For the first six days, the moon soil-grown plants looked indistinguishable from earth soil-grown ones.

After that, the lunar plants started to wilt, but it’s still a great result for an experiment almost everyone involved in expected to fail.

The image of Sagittarius A* is the first direct observation confirming the presence of the black hole.

Lester Kiewit interviewed Dr Tana Joseph, an astronomer at AstroComms about this.

Listen to the audio for more.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Scientists successfully grow plants in moon soil – for the first time ever

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