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Users on Reddit weighed in on this question - and it's no surprise that the most hated job appears to be a debt collector.

Discussions on Reddit can become pretty heated and this topic is no different.

There are some jobs people just love to hate.

Here are some of the top jobs Reddit users listed and explain why.

Do you agree with this list? What jobs do you think should be added or removed?


1. Debt Collector

Hundreds of Reddit users related horror stories they had encountered with debt collectors.

"There are debt collectors who call relatives of the deceased to pay off their debts when they are not legally obligated to," writes TopGun2021.

"My wife's (she was my girlfriend at the time) mom died when she was only 21. She has two twin brothers who were 16 at the time. We moved into their childhood home to take care of her brothers and these f*ckers called for MONTHS harassing her to pay off her mom's debt.

Like f*ck off I'm 21 with no parents raising my two brothers while going to school full time. They would not stop," says Zimakov

"I had my identity stolen once and I had debt collectors hounding me while I was trying to sort everything out. Then after getting everything sorted and proved my identity was stolen I still got phone calls for a while where they would just tell me to pay the debt anyway." - KittenInAMonster

2. Instagram/social media personalities

"Almost 90% of them are fake and cause more trouble than they're worth.

I understand it's entertaining but it seems to me that they create an idealized version of life that is fake, and unobtainable for most people. They prop up a lifestyle that most can't afford, and it's all because you clicked on their profile and interacted with them on some level that they get paid to have fun or do makeup, or whatever. I view them as a commercial, or advert. Something born out of some corporate bullshit to sell a product or lifestyle.

They add nothing to society at large, yet reap the benefit of it" - The_Fluffness

3. Real Estate Agent

"Laws don't seem to apply to them. Just as dodgy in sales and rentals alike," writes one user.

4. Mega Church Pastors and Televangelists

"The pastors at mega churches whom ask their followers for money for private jets. Absolute scum to abuse others faith for your own greed." - ichancho

"Not just them but also those big cults. Moonies, Scientologists, Nxivm, CHCC, ... their only purpose is to leech money off people's faiths, and sometimes sexual assault." - moxfactor

5. Multi-level marketing (MLM) managers

"MLM managers. Not the low-level idiots that get suckered into it, they suck too for trying to bring new people into that shitshow, but the people who create them know exactly what they are doing and are pretty much the only ones who profit off of it. Should be illegal. Pyramid schemes are illegal." - Wereno

"As someone that worked in well known MLM office - this is accurate. These people morality is closer to career criminals than any other. They have no problems lying, manipulating, or deceiving for gain or just cause they can. They don't even make that much money ironically, they do it cause they chose to be evil." - MattWey

6. Timeshare sales people

"You end up with a bunch of salespeople using high-pressure sales tactics to try to push poor people into buying something they can’t afford and won’t really capture the full value of. They’re basically burning money by buying it" - Zmchastain

7. Call Centre Managers

"I did this for a while and I got paid hourly but if you didn't get a lot of the questions to the end they would just send you home after a while." - Keibun1

"I worked at a call center and they paid well hourly but you got a bonus for people you transferred to another agent, 1 bait and hook 1 finisher. I was selling a legit product but the place wanted me to send everyone to the finisher regardless if we could help them or not. It felt like they didn’t care about the people and I did so I ended up getting fired for not getting enough over because I filtered them myself" - Feisty-Nerve-6584

8. Content Writers (who write clickbait articles)

"Those 'journalists' who write click-bait articles. The ones where you wade through page after page of deliberately prolonged text and ads to get to the bit you want to read." - Sloper59

"Only to reveal they don’t actually have the info they promised, only speculation. At least the ones posting about release dates." - DogmantheHero

9. Paparazzi

"Please stop trying to sneak into the lives of famous people. Being famous doesn't mean they can't have privacy." - Tet0144

10. Dating Expert/Life Coach

"Sadly it’s a thing. It’s basically a self-appointed title that requires no training or qualifications. What’s worse, is that I have a female friend who uses one. It’s very much a blind leading the blind situation." - MeanManufacturer61

"Life coach is a thing because not everybody can legally call themselves a therapist." - Schwarzekekker

"I know three "life coaches". All divorced moms at my kids school and all of them are human dumpster fires. One shows up to every event with wine in a tumbler and seems to have new damage to her car every month. Another one isn't allowed on school grounds because she stole a teachers credit card during a parent teacher conference." - ozmatazbukshank

11. Health insurance company CEO

"...I spent over 4 hours dealing with my insurance (and health care providers) today (and still dont have clear answers)... so, not a vent, just looking for empathy.

Why is american healthcare such a NIGHTMARE to navigate?! I could not make up a more convoluted or more difficult system if I tried." - u/NeatArtichoke

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