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Being born a woman in what is traditionally considered a man's world has its fair share of challenges.

Pippa Hudson on her Family Matters feature interviews Judy Bekker, an author and mentor with 30 years of experience working with women of all ages, to speak about her new book Calling All The Daughters

Preparing all women for birth, death and all the stages in between, Bekker's handbook ponders what it means to step into womanhood.

The South African author pens the transfer of knowledge from mothers to daughters on momentous rites of passage they encounter in their lives.

Her one-size-fits-all book zooms in on matters including menstruations, menopause, aging, sexuality and even finances.

Her guide on 'how to women' outlines rituals, which Bekker calls very simple acts that heighten and bring gravitas to anything through a journey of ten weeks.

Interested readers can go to www.callingthedaughters.com for details on how they can get the book.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 'Calling The Daughters': Your guide to womanhood

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