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CAPE TOWN - Plans are under way for a march in the Cape Town community of Bishop Lavis where a two-month-old baby was snatched last weekend.

Kai-isha Meniers was kidnapped outside a supermarket in the area on Saturday.

Police have released screenshots from CCTV footage showing a woman dressed in a black and white spotted top and striped pants carrying a baby.

A desperate search for Kai-isha Meniers and her kidnapper has entered its sixth day.

Search parties made up of the baby's relatives, residents and police have been scouring the Bishop Lavis community and surrounding areas following up on all leads since the two-month-old's disappearance.

But each time, they've come away empty-handed.

The Bishop Lavis community policing forum's Graham Lindhorst said that community leaders were organising a march on Sunday.

He said that residents did not believe that the case was getting enough attention and was not a priority for the South African Police Service (SAPS) and some believe that it would have been different if it was a high-profile matter.

This article first appeared on EWN : Kai-isha Meniers kidnapping: Bishop Lavis community to march to raise awareness

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