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It's time for a bit of self-reflection with The Flash Drive. Time to look at our quirks and be honest about just how quirky they really are.

On their show, Carl Wastie and Zoë Brown asked the question, 'What is something you do that is normal to you, but other people find strange?'

We get it — your own habits and behaviours are just part of your every day life.

However, whilst some of the things you do seem normal to you, other people may consider to be really weird.

Take Zoë, for example, who rinses her mince — something she learned from her mom.

And Carl, who regularly takes the odd-sounding 'Oscillococcinum' homeopathic medication for his health.

What are some of the personal freedoms our listeners do that have their friends and family raising their eyebrows and rolling their eyes?

Here's a teaser for you: One of our listeners always does a number two in the nude — even at fancy events.

Hear all the craziness in the audio clip and then click on the comments icon in the Facebook post below that to join the conversation on the Kfm Facebook page.

Your drive home doesn't have to be drab! Spend it with Carl Wastie and Zoë Brown on The Flash Drive, weekdays from 3-7pm on Kfm 94.5

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