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Over the past few weeks, EB Inglis has been talking about 'senior' moments on his lunchtime show.

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He stumbled on an article that explains why so many of us are experiencing short, temporary instances of forgetfulness.

A memory researcher named Grant Shields says that we’re living in moments of big change as we return to offices, create new routines and find our footing in yet another new normal.

All this change consumes brain power, often much more than we think.

“Our brains are like computers with so many tabs open right now,” says Dr. Sara C. Mednick, a neuroscientist and professor of cognitive science.

“This slows down our processing power, and memory is one of the areas that falters.”

The stress of the pandemic and lockdown has also taken its toll. Each day was so similar, it became hard to remember specific events.

According to Shields, research shows those who have experienced “recent life stressors” have memory issues.

The large amounts of information coming at us from various platforms is also why our brains are so cluttered.


  • If you can't remember, don't force it because that will make you frustrated. Staying calm will help your brain manage stress.
  • Stop multi-tasking. Put your phone away if needed, and work on one thing at a time. Pay attention to small tasks, even things like brushing your teeth.
  • Spend 10 minutes a day doing deep breathing exercises.
  • Take a walk in nature.
  • Connect with a love one.
  • Get a good night's sleep.
  • Try to be present when talking to people.

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