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Back in 2004, the University of Oregan ran a study where 65% of the children surveyed confessed to having had an imaginary companion at some point in their lives.

Some children even reported having multiple and serial imaginary companions with the number ranging from one to 13 different entities.

The study also found that:

— While preschool girls were more likely to have an imaginary friend, by age 7 boys were just as likely as girls to have one.

— 27% of the children described an imaginary friend that their parents did not know about.
— 57% of the imaginary companions were humans and 41% were animals.

Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? EB Inglis says while he can't relate, he recalls that his daughter had one when she was younger.

The illusion faded out when... once her little brother came about.

EB Inglis

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