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Rameez Khan loiters on the steps of Wynberg Magistrate's Court to find out, 'What's Happening at the Courthouse?'

In this episode, he approaches a neighbourhood watch member who's had a case of intimidation laid against him by a petty neighbour and a young lady who was conned by a so-called friend.

Protection order against neighbour

A good samaritan explains that he is a member of the neighbourhood watch in his area. For the most part, the residents are pleased with the initiative. They've successfully arrested 13 criminals and recovered drugs and firearms.

One neighbour — who allegedly runs an illegal alcohol business — seems determined to dismantle the group.

She had neighbourhood watch members arrested by laying a case of intimidation against them.

case against a friend

With friends like these, who needs enemies? A young lady explains that she bought her first car directly from friends. Everything seemed legit, paperwork was signed and R55 000 handed over.

Things all went downhill when she was approached by the police who informed her that her car was a stolen vehicle. She tried to contact her so-called friends — but they've vanished.

Listen to both stories in the audio clip below.

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