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The December/January school holidays are coming to an end, or have already if you live inland or your kids attend a private school.

Preparations for the new term is more than stationery and school uniform shopping. Parents and kids have to realign their households from holiday slothfulness and settle back into the school routine.

Parenting Expert, Nikki Bush, joins The Flash Drive with advice for parents ahead of the 2022 school year.

Top tips to get back to school ready

  1. Get your kids back into a routine with a regular bedtime and waking up time
  2. Connect your kids with friends from school through a playdate to 'break the ice' ahead of day 1
  3. Make sure you stock up on all the stationery on your child's list to avoid any embarrassment

If your child is resisting the change of routine, Nikki suggests the 'Money or Box' game, a family media management strategy.

How to play the 'Money or Box' game

The idea is to print out TV watching and gaming tickets and to give your children a set number of these tickets per week. You can adjust the number of tickets each week to wean them off the screen.

"When your children watch TV or game, they must pay you a ticket so they are conscious of what they are doing," explains Nikki.

"If they run out of tickets before the next day, it's too bad."

But if they have tickets left over at the end of the week, then the parent pays them cash as a reward.

For more resources and tips on managing back to school jitters, visit www.nikkibush.com.

Listen below as The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie chats with Parenting Expert, Nikki Bush about back to school realignment and how to handle screentime.

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