South Africa's one and only driving licence printing machine has been out of order since November 2021 leaving approximately half a million South African motorists stuck with expired driving licence cards.

The twenty-year-old machine was reportedly damaged by an electrical short related to a flood incident and is currently in Germany for repairs.

The reason why the country only has one machine to print driving licence cards is to avoid corruption.

Impacted motorists are expected to pay R90 for a temporary driving permit. One Kfm Mornings listener says when she was asked to cough up this fee, she flat out refused.

It's not my fault... I refuse to pay a temporary fee.

Carmen, Kfm Mornings listener

There were two or three ladies standing behind me and they said 'We also not paying'

Carmen, Kfm Mornings listener

It's not our fault. Why do we need to pay?

Carmen, Kfm Mornings listener

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