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From paying off debt, investing and treating yourself to a dream holiday — It's safe to say that we've all indulged in the idea of winning millions from the lottery.

A 24-year-old man on Reddit says he won a whopping $5.6 million and has no plans to share a cent of his winnings with his extended family.

On the AITA subreddit, he wrote: "Background: I and my wife are both 24 years old. Every month we buy a lottery ticket for fun."

"Well, we won big."

"After the lump sum fee and taxes, we won around 5.6 million dollars. After paying all our debt (student loans, house mortgage, car loans) we had around 5 million left."

He added that he and his wife invested "3 million in a combination of mutual funds, REITs, and preferred stock funds for a very steady hands-off extremely low-risk solid return approach."

"With the 2 million we ended up buying a 5 million dollar apartment complex that cashflows and will give a high return with low risk."

The Redditor explained that statistically, 70% of lottery winners go broke after a few years and he didn't want the same fate.

He invested his money in such a way that he wouldn't have to work a real job again.

His family however were not happy when they heard of how he planned to use his jackpot winnings.

"When I told my family I thought the first reaction would be exciting for me and how we were financially responsible with the money."

"But that started talking about a huge family trip, how I was paying for all their debt, and more."

"I explained 5 million is a lot but not enough where I will be giving it away to family and they got pissed."

The situation escalated with the man's family saying that he was no longer welcome and to never speak to them again.

"I think I’m in the right because I’m doing what’s best for me and my wife."

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