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Working from home may seem like a dream come true for some of us. But let's take a moment to talk about the adjustment period we all went through when we were trying to get physically comfortable with our new reality.

We're talking about the awkward spaces we found ourselves in when we needed peace and quiet during the workday.

A recent American study found that 41% of the 2000 participants found themselves working from their car, 34% in their bathroom and 33% in their wardrobe.

As a result, 82% of respondents reported experiencing aches and pains during this time including back pain (48%), neck pain (42%), shoulder pain (39%) and eyestrain (38%).

Many added healthy habits such as short walks (41%), meditating (40%), working on a hobby (36%), and mixing up their working environment (29%) into their new routine to combat pain and burnout.

Listen below as EB Inglis reacts to this study.

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Source: Yahoo.com

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