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South Africa's a big importer of coffee beans from around the globe, and the price of your daily fix is about to skyrocket.

Bruce Whitfield chats to Jonathan Robinson (founder of Bean There Coffee Company) about what is happening in coffee markets.

"We're looking at a ten-year high" he says, citing this year's extreme weather in Brazil as the main driving factor.

"In the coffee world they say if Brazil sneezes the world catches a cold."

Brazil had quite a drought early on in the year and then they had frost which has wiped out a good portion of the trees... Some people are saying we could be 16 million bags short... a possibility of a few years where demand will outstrip supply...

Jonathan Robinson, Founder - Bean There Coffee Company

Bean There sources its fair trade coffee exclusively from African countries.

We deal exclusively in coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC, working with small-scale farmers... but with Brazil being the largest producer and coffee a traded commodity... it dictates the price across the globe.

Jonathan Robinson, Founder - Bean There Coffee Company

That is great for farmers... although when you're trying to roast it and sell it on my end that can become a challenge...

Jonathan Robinson, Founder - Bean There Coffee Company

We've had to put out a price increase... we hadn't done one for a few years... 6-7% but we're taking a hit ourselves... Roasters all over South Africa are going to have to follow suit.

Jonathan Robinson, Founder - Bean There Coffee Company

Listen to Robinson on all the factors pushing up the price of a cup of coffee below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Coffee prices hit 10-year high - why your daily fix is going to cost you more

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