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Michael runs a deep cleaning business with his family. His wife describes him as gentle and gullible — so she concocts a plan with Darren "Whackhead" Simpson to give her husband a bit of a scare.

Whackhead Simpson's storyline plays on a recent job where Michael was tasked with cleaning a pregnant woman's home.

Posing as a detective, Whackhead informs Michael that his client has been taken into custody and that the house he cleaned is now a murder crime scene.

Panic quickly settles in as the innocent bystander talks himself out of being implicated. But Whackhead pushes on and accuses the man of being involved and that his motive for the gruesome crime is that he is the real father of his client's unborn baby.

Even more ridiculous, Whackhead says that the police are on the lookout for the "Hout Bay Hoover Hitman", and questions whether Michael owns a Hoover.

It's crazy, it's absurd. Listen to the prank below!

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