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The gloomy weekend means time PJ's and catching up with what's hot on your favourite streaming service. To save you time on deciding what to watch, EB Inglis has some fresh recommendations for you.


Season 2 of HBO Max’s hit millennial romcom anthology series, Love Life, is here.

This season, we take the journey from first love to lasting love with three-time Emmy nominee William Jackson Harper, who plays Marcus Watkins, a book editor entering his 30s freshly divorced and lost as ever.

Forced to rediscover his identity as a single Black man in New York, Marcus must learn to find love again.

You can binge season 2 and catch up on season 1 now on Showmax.

TRUE STORY on Netflix

Now here is a collaboration we didn’t see coming: Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes play brothers in this gripping limited series.

Hart stars The Kid, a world-famous comedian and Snipes plays Carlton, his older wayward brother.

A tour stop in The Kid’s hometown of Philadelphia turns into a matter of life and death, the consequences of which could destroy his life and career.

Catch all the twists and drama right now on Netflix.

Bruised on Netflix

Not only does Halle Berry star in this drama but it is also her directorial debut.

Berry plays Jackie Justice, a down and out, disgraced mixed martial arts fighter who is filled with anger and regret after the embarrassment of her last fight and has since left the sport.

Her boyfriend then gets her involved in an underground fight which catches the eye of a fight promoter who tries to get her back into the octagon professionally.

Things get complicated when her son, who she abandoned as a baby, shows up at her doorstep.

Watch Jackie Justice’s Road to redemption right now on Netflix.

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