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South African chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen has launched JAN Innovation Academy — an online space for personal and skills development.

Presented by Jan Hendrik and fellow experts in related industries, the range of online short courses combines education, virtual mentorship and entertainment.

Best of all, these inspiring courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere through desktop or mobile devices — perfect for those who have less time to themselves due to longer working hours or other demands.

From Building your Personal Brand to Restaurant Entrepreneurship, every course in the JAN Innovation Academy uses personal storytelling as an approach to educate, upskill and entertain.

“My dream is for the JAN Innovation Academy to be a place where the stories, insights and lessons my friends and I share can be the difference in whether someone opens that restaurant, starts painting that canvas… or not," says the Michelin-star chef

"We want to inspire others to take that leap of faith and to show up for their dreams.”

Visit JAN Innovation Academy to have a look at all the courses.

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