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Little Brinks aims to give vulnerable children a chance at a better future.

The non-profit organisation was founded in 2008 when co-founder Katherine Brinks realised how many kids needed a place of safety.

Katherine and her husband Danny quickly outgrew their Tableview home as the NPO took in more babies. The couple then took all their savings and purchased a bigger "derelict" space which they transformed in six months into a "home of love".

By the next month, the Little Brinks home was filled with kids.

Tracey Lange and Dis-Chem's Regional Manager, Wayne Sterling visited the Little Brinks NPO to learn about the incredible work they’re doing to create a safe and loving home for vulnerable children.

Watch the video below.

Katherine Brinks joined Tracey Lange's Mid-Morning show for an unexpected and emotional surprise from the Dis-Chem Foundation's Sherry Saltzman.

I think the work that Kath does is amazing... taking in children who aren't your own, you've got to have a lot of heart.

Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Foundation

The Dis-Chem Foundation recognises the hard work that she puts into the organisation, and the amazing work that she does with these children.

Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Foundation

We would like to give you a R5,000 a month store account for a year, it comes to R60,000 for the year. You'll be able to buy whatever the needs are for these children, be it nappies, be it formula, be it a few treats.

Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Foundation

Listen below to Tracey Lange's interview with Little Brinks co-founder Katherine Brinks and Dis-Chem Foundation's Sherry Saltzman.

Every time you swipe your Dis-Chem Benefit card when purchasing, Dis-Chem donates a percentage of the eligible purchase to the Foundation.

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