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The weekend is here! Hopefully, for you, this means time to relax and catch up with what's hot on your favourite streaming service.

With so many options, you may need a little help deciding what to watch. So check out these three suggestions from Kfm 94.5 lunchtime host, EB Inglis.

I HATE SUZIE on Netflix

Suzie Pickles, a former teen singer and actress, has her whole life suddenly disrupted when compromising photos are leaked after her phone is hacked.

The dark comedy follows "one of the eight stages of trauma" that Suzie experiences — shock, denial, fear, shame, bargaining, guilt, anger, and acceptance — as Suzie and her best friend and manager Naomi try to hold her life, career, and marriage together in the face of being exposed for who she truly is.

Watch now on Showmax.

Passing on Netflix

This intense drama stars Tessa Thompson as Irene, an African American woman living in New York during the 1920s.

When she reunites with her childhood friend, Clare, she learns that she's been "passing" as white and has married a wealthy — and racist — white man.

Both are mixed race and Irene identifies as African American. The film is even set in black and white for added dramatic effect.

Stream it right now on Netflix.

RED NOTICE on Netflix

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays a top FBI profiler who has to team up with an elusive art thief (Ryan Reynolds) to catch an elusive crook (Gal Gadot) who's always one step ahead.

With these three, you know you’re going to get a lot of action and banter as well as side-splitting comedy.

Stream it now on Netflix.

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