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While ten years ago a British survey found the worst smell to be a wet dog - and while more recently Ranker did a similar survey finding that their users thought the worst smell was decaying animal - nothing could prepare EB Inglis for the range of terrible smells offered up by his KFM 94.5 listeners!

I can take a lot of stinky smells. Being a dad; poo, wet dog – that’s fine, sweat, stinky socks – I can take all those smells.

EB Inglis, KFM 94.5 Presenter

The one smell I cannot take, because it will make me hurl as well, is the smell of vomit.

EB Inglis, KFM 94.5 Presenter

From morning breath to rotten goose eggs - the range of hilarious responses EB received, was impressive! Listen below... and scroll down to our Facebook post to add your comments.

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