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The Flash Drive ask listeners to reveal the most expensive mistakes their kids have made.

Zoƫ Brown happened upon a post shared by a comedian about his son who was so excited about a playdate with his friends that he wrote each of their names with permanent marker on the leather seats of the dad's brand new Range Rover.

Carl Wastie weighed in sharing a story of when he was in a curio shop at a game farm, and he witnessed a child do a kung fu move on a glass rhino which then had a domino effect on the rest of the goods.

Talk about second-hand embarrassment!

We've listed some of the hilarious responses from Kfm listeners below - scroll down to the audio to hear the stories in full.

  • Scratched their name using a stone on dad's bakkie
  • Flushed all of mom's jewellery down the toilet
  • Stabbed a new leather couch... 17 times
  • Painted the garage wall, boundary wall and granny's car
  • Filled dad's petrol tank with water

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