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  • Is your home wildfire ready?

  • Cape Town residents have been urged to prepare for the upcoming fire season

  • Enviro group Parkscape will be hosting a webinar on what you can do to keep your home and loved ones safe

Fire experts have warned that the upcoming fire season could see another devastating wildfire rip through the Table Mountain National Park, impacting urban areas in ways not seen before.

However, environmental group Parkscape says wildfire doesn’t have to result in tragic loss.

The organisation has urged Cape Town residents to proactively protect their homes, particularly those on the urban edge.

Parkscape will be hosting a webinar at 6pm on Thursday 21 October about learning to live with wildfire.

Parkscape chair Nicky Schmidt says a wildfire awareness paradigm shift is still needed in Cape Town.

"This is simply one of our realities. We live in an area that needs fire", she tells CapeTalk host Sara-Jayne King.

Schmidt shares some tips on how households can create a wildfire-defensible home:

  • make sure there is a distance of at least two metres between your home and trees

  • reduce the fuel loads in your household

  • keep woodpiles, chemicals, and other flammable items such as gas bottles away from the house

  • make sure that your gutters are clear of debris and leaves

  • make use of hard landscaping where possible

  • if you're legally required to keep a firehose, check that it is working

One needs to assist one's property. A home doesn't have to go up in flames. There are things that you can do to protect yourself.

Nicky Schmidt, Chairperson - Parkscape

What the fire experts refer to it as is 'creating defensible home space' so that you prevent the fire from finding a means into your home.

Nicky Schmidt, Chairperson - Parkscape

It's become a global reality... We've got longer, hotter, drier summers and for us in the Western Cape, we live in a fire-dependent bio. Fynbos needs to burn in order to resuscitate, to restore itself to keep growing.

Nicky Schmidt, Chairperson - Parkscape

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Is your home firesafe? Top tips on how to prepare for Cape Town's fire season

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