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In honour of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Tracey Lange speaks with Geneticist, Khilona Natha, about Optiphi's breast cancer DNA testing offering.

The intention of the Optiphi Helix DNA test is to screen a panel of markers that are commonly associated with the development of breast cancer, and secondary to that ovarian and prostate cancer.

We look at genes that are involved in regulating DNA repair and cellular growth.

Khilona Natha, Optiphi Geneticist

Once you know your results, what happens?

People then have the power back in their hands so they can then actively decide I want to speak to my medical professional, perhaps include more screenings in my daily health routine, perhaps a change in certain lifestyle factors.

Khilona Natha, Optiphi Geneticist

How does genetic testing work?

All we need from the person is a simple oral swab... and then it's sent to our lab where we do genetic analysis... we generate a report which we then send back to the person.

Khilona Natha, Optiphi Geneticist

We recommend that the person takes this report to their medical practitioner... alternatively they are welcome to contact us to ask us any questions relating to the genetic analysis.

Khilona Natha, Optiphi Geneticist

Click below to listen to the full interview and visit www.optiphi.com for more details.

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