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JOHANNESBURG - Zion Clark has officially broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest 20m on hands.

The athlete, born without legs due to a genetic disorder called Caudal Regression Syndrome, set a time of 4.78 seconds.

"I just took off, man," said Clark to Guinness World Records.

Clark's second attempt at the Guinness World Record title is the official time to beat – 4.8 seconds – his first attempt was even faster.

Unfortunately, he ducked under the sensor as he crossed the finish line and had to go again.

Clark set the record on 15 February 2021, at his high school gym in Massillon, Ohio. But the official announcement was only made in September.

"To be a Guinness World Record title holder... I'm number one.

"There's nobody faster than me right now. I'm the fastest man on their hands in the world. But at the same time, it also means that my family's winning, my town's winning, and my support group's winning, because without them I wouldn't be here doing this."

His coach — Olympic Gold Medalist and Guinness World Record holder - Butch Reynolds trained Clark and helped him accomplish the feat in under five seconds.

Clark - who's life story is on Netflix - wants to become the first American athlete to compete in both the Olympic (wrestling) and Paralympic (wheelchair racing) at the 2024 Games.

"I want to win more medals than Michael Phelps. I want to be that guy. I'm gonna be that guy. Because why not? I know people that have disabilities the same as mine, that have disabilities that are more severe than mine, and I see them becoming high-level athletes every day. It's all about how much heart you've got and how much work you're willing to put in."

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This article first appeared on EWN : Guinness World Record: Zion Clark is the fastest man on two hands

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