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If you could give anybody advice on one thing that they have to try in their lifetime, what would it be?

Kfm Mornings put this question forward on the show and received a mix of responses, some family-friendly and others not so much.

For Darren Simpson, skydiving is the single scariest, most focused experience he had in his life, "You'll scare the hell out of yourself but you'll never regret it."

Sherlin on the other hand says that going bald was a huge step and sher recommends that all women try it at least once.

While SIbs, a sports fanatic, suggests travelling to another country to watch your favourite sports team live.

9 must-do experiences from Kfm Mornings' listners

  1. Live in a caravan
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Try pole dancing or pole fitness
  4. Cycle the Cape Town Cycle Tour
  5. Get a tattoo
  6. Visit a spiritual retreat
  7. Scuba dive with sharks
  8. Go to Sandy Bay
  9. Holiday alone

Listen below for the full conversation on Kfm Mornings and scroll to 28:47 for the 'adult only' recommendations.

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