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Kfm Mornings chat through a concern that they received from a listener.

A couple's visit to the spa completely changed their life. The husband once hated massages, but now he has a regular appointment every week.

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The biggest issue is that the husband always requests the same masseuse, and their chat on WhatsApp has become too casual for the wife's liking.

Read below and scroll down to hear what Darren, Sherlin, Sibs and Kfm Mornings listeners had to say.

Dear Darren and team

Please help. I am not sure if I am being ridiculous or maybe I have a sixth sense.

About 3 months ago my husband and I went for a couples massage at a spa. He hated massages. Now he loves them and keeps going for them without me once a week. He says it helps him relax.

He keeps going to the same lady and if she is not there he won't go. __He also chats with her on WhatsApp now. it's not always about arranging the next appointment, it has become casual too.

Please help what do I do?

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